Rotating sprinklers, ideal for larger areas

Your lawn needs water and the right sprinkler system will keep it in shape. Thanks to professional devices, you can reach every nook and cranny and water it faster than with manual operation. Rotary sprinklers are designed for large areas, so choose them if your lawn is quite large. By using the available amenities, you will have more time to enjoy the well-kept garden.

Precise regulation of the rotating sprinkler

Thanks to the use of this type of sprinkler, you can evenly water up to 85 m2 of surface. Rotary tools allow you to set the arms and the angle of pouring the water in such a way as to reach the selected area. The products available in our store will make it easier for you to care for your garden and lawn on a daily basis, especially when you want to save your time. Sprinklers also save water, which comes out evenly and goes exactly where it should be.

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