Roller trolley - a practical solution that must not be missing in your garden!

Do you want to improve your garden work? Do you value practical and functional solutions? Do you want order everywhere? Attach a reel trolley to your gardening accessories. It will make it easier to wind up, unwind and store the garden hose. The trolleys are very handy and of an unusual size. Equipped with wheels, they will facilitate transport to the place of your garden, field or orchard of your choice. It greatly facilitates many, not only garden works.

A reel trolley will be useful to every gardener!

We present the offer of reel bogies. Here you will find high-quality corrosion and UV resistant products. They have non-slip wheels and a folding crank. They allow you to place approx. 60 meters of garden hose. The trolley is easy to assemble. You can deal with it quickly and on your own without the use of tools. The product available in our store will facilitate garden work. It will also allow you to keep order and optimally arrange the space. The hose cart takes up little space, so you can easily find a place to store it.

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