Spray guns and nozzles for manual lawn watering

A well-kept garden and lawn require regular watering and other cleaning works. Thanks to systematic irrigation, the grass grows evenly and you can enjoy a beautiful view. The most common way to get the right amount of water is by hand watering. There are guns and nozzles for this, which facilitate spraying the lawn. The second way is to arrange the sprinklers, which you control as needed.

Manual watering is facilitated by appropriate nozzles

The systems we offer in our store allow you to spill water in various streams. It is up to you whether you target the lawn with a fine mist or a concentrated avalanche of water. The guns and nozzles designed for manual care of the terrain allow you to have full control over the amount of liquid you direct on the ground at any time. Therefore, you are fully responsible for the condition of your lawn. If the area around your home is not large, manual solutions are enough for you.

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