Threaded nipple makes it easier to connect drip lines or hoses

Threaded fittings are small but very important components that are essential in creating an irrigation system. Thanks to them, you can connect drip lines or snakes with each other. This way, you will quickly build the irrigation structure you need to deliver water to your plants. Threaded fittings are used to create irrigation systems for home gardens or lawns. They are also used by farmers to create installations that are to deliver water to the field, fruit growers, people responsible for the maintenance of sports fields or urban green areas.

Threaded fittings will make it easy to adjust the irrigation system to your needs

We present a wide range of threaded fittings. Here you will find different types of these items with different dimensions. A large selection of the assortment makes it easy to adjust the type of connector to the size of the installation that will water the plants. The offered products are made of durable, high-quality materials to ensure trouble-free operation of the irrigation system. Remember, the trouble-free supply of water to plants directly translates into an increase in the amount of crops.

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