Drip lines with compensation - the optimal solution for uneven terrain

The right level of plant and soil hydration is essential to a successful harvest. Effective water supply is difficult on uneven terrain. The solution is pressure compensated drip lines. Suitable for building long irrigation lines, they are perfect for large gardens and orchards. Built-in pressure control emitters help deliver water evenly along the entire length of the system. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of this type of product.

Pressure compensated drip lines - efficient operation without wasting water

Well-functioning water management in a garden or orchard is an important element of a complex system of dependencies. That is why it is so important to effectively manage water throughout the entire crop. Pressure compensated drip lines can help. Thanks to them, water is supplied evenly over the entire surface of the constructed irrigation system. This generates certain savings and helps to care for the environment.

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