Multifunctional accessories for the garden. Meet the edgings with a height of 78mm

Are you looking for multifunctional accessories that will make the arrangement of your garden or urban space as easy as possible? Reach for BORDER edges with a height of 78 mm and enjoy the possibilities they guarantee! Find out about the sets prepared in this category and decide which one will work in your garden.


The 78mm high edging is an excellent alternative to traditional curbs

Modern solutions for your garden do not have to be complicated. Reach for flexible edging with a height of 78mm and enjoy a perfectly arranged garden for a long time. Do you want to stay in harmony with nature, while enjoying the aesthetically arranged flower beds and alleys? Use the possibilities of ecological edging suitable for any type of substrate, additionally made of recycled material. The proposed models are also available in sets containing fixing anchors. The anchors will allow you to use the edging on medium-hard ground, forming it carefully.

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