The 58mm high rim will allow you to implement any project!

Do you dream of a perfectly arranged garden? Opt for a flexible edging with a height of 58 mm and see for yourself that modern and functional solutions do not have to be complicated. Find out about the accessories available in this category and choose the set that suits your needs. You can opt for a variant with anchors or a standalone edging.


The 58mm high rim is an ecological solution for your garden!

Are you creating a garden in harmony with nature? Reach for ecological solutions and choose a flexible edging with a height of 58 mm, entirely made of recycled material. The use of BORDER edges allows you to freely arrange the garden, in accordance with the previously prepared design. Accessories facilitating the shaping of alleys, flower beds and sidewalks, regardless of the surface, remain completely invisible, additionally they prevent the cubes or stones from sliding apart. The proposed edges are an excellent, modern alternative to the previously popular fences and unsightly curbs. By using such a solution, you give yourself the opportunity to implement any project, while leaving the garden aesthetic and fully natural. 

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