Practical lawn rim 205, 45mm high

A perfectly arranged garden requires thoughtful solutions and appropriately selected accessories. If you care about carefully made flower beds, it is worth reaching for the edge of the 205 mm high lawn. Practical BORDER accessories are a proposition not only for perfectionists!


A garden refined in every detail? Reach for the BORDER 45mm high

By using BORDER garden edges with a height of 45 mm, you can implement even the most demanding projects. The proposed accessories, available with pins, create a multifunctional set that allows for an aesthetic finish of the garden or urban space. They work perfectly, regardless of the ground, allowing you to clearly and carefully mark paths, separate flower beds or prevent the divergence of sidewalks and alleys, and are also distinguished by excellent flexibility. The proposed edging remains completely invisible after installation, allowing for further, free arrangement of the garden.

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