Tape edgings - a way to aesthetically arrange space

Space planning is the basis when it comes to garden architecture. Only thanks to this, you will make the place functional and aesthetic. Designing green areas applies to both a home garden and public space. Tape edgings are perfect for this. Thanks to them, you will divide the area and designate the appropriate zones: a place for flowers, a playground for children or a recreation area. This is a great way to emphasize the beauty of your lawn or garden even more.

Tape edging - take care of the beauty of the garden and lawn

We present a wide range of band edges. Here you will find products of different heights. They can be attached to both soft surfaces: lawn, earth, sand, and hard ones: clay or crushed stone. Depending on the type of substrate, the edges can be fastened quickly and easily with anchors or metal nails. We offer ecological solutions to our clients. Items available in the store are made of 100% recycled plastic. In addition, they are extremely flexible, which greatly facilitates the use of space and allows you to create straight lines, arcs and angles.

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