Rotary sprinklers - friends of the garden

Do you value an efficient hydration system that works reliably and uses professional solutions proven and improved over the years? If so, we have an excellent offer for you. Rotary sprinklers will work well in small gardens. Thanks to the use of a dedicated drive unit, they work reliably for many years. They help to save water and maintain a good level of soil moisture.

Rotary sprinklers - large working range and low costs

The experience gathered over the years in gardens around the world has allowed us to create a product with a large working range that uses a small amount of water. This type of rotary sprinkler is perfect for gardens or allotments. The strongest varieties successfully irrigate large areas such as football fields and golf courses. Minimal water consumption with maximum efficiency of generated rainfall is the big savings you deserve. And all this is available almost immediately at attractive prices.

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