Static nozzles - fast irrigation of the area

Hydration systems have an extensive range of accessories. Regular sprinkling of grass with water or flowers in the garden has a significant impact on the quality and appearance of these plants. The right amount of water is the basis of development. Static nozzles eliminate manual watering. All you need to do is connect it to the water supply and the rest of the work will be done by the device. Importantly, you can adjust the spray angle and range by increasing or decreasing the water pressure. Check out the full offer of the store and choose a static nozzle perfect for your expectations.

Static nozzles - ideal for less pressure water systems

A well-configured irrigation system means big savings and high work efficiency. The static nozzles offered in our store are adapted to watering various surfaces. Their maximum range is about four meters. Mainly designed for less water pressure. With a maximum flow of around ten liters of water per minute. They have a large range of sprinkling angle adjustment.

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