Collector - turn all solenoid valves quickly

Do you want to install solenoid valves, but are you afraid that you do not have the right tools? The collector is the solution to your problems. This item will make it easier for you to separate them and make assembly child's play. You will not need any additional tools. You will do all the work with your own hands. Thanks to the collector, you can easily connect even several solenoid valves (depending on the design) to the water system.

Manifolds for solenoid valves - an accessory that every gardener should know

We present a wide range of collectors. Here you will find products that will allow you to mount a different number of solenoid valves. Some collectors can be expanded by adding other elements to them. The products we offer are tight and you do not need any tools to assemble them. A high-quality collector is a guarantee of efficient and failure-free operation of the irrigation system.

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